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Romania 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This one will be short. It's after 1am and this is the first chance I've had to blog. We have had a very full day. After worship this morning, we were able to eat lunch at the church with the pastors, translators, and their families. Lunch was soup, chicken and mashed potatoes. Good stuff! After lunch, we took some time to share as a team back at the house. Some good stuff was shared, and it was very obvious that God is moving in our midst. I finally had a chance to read all of your comments from the blog, and the team got to see the videos from the past few days. This evening, we were involved in the Sunday night service. Taylor, Reina, and Dani shared testimonies. The entire team sang Here I am to Worship in American (as Emily would say). Emily and Dez sang Lord I Lift Your Name on High in Romanian, and Mandy sang How Great is Our God as a solo. The service was over 2 hours long. I'm beginning to think that Pastor Larry doesn't really preach all that long. LOL! We still aren't sure if we will have internet access at the camp, so this may be my last post until next Saturday.

Oh! Kiersten talked to her parents about being baptized while she is here! We're having a baptism service in the river at camp. Woohoo!

We miss everybody out there!


The trip so far,
has been fun.
Whether sleeping on the plane,
or snoring in a car.
Someone is always laughing,
or smiling,
and lately,
lots of crying.

Good byes have been very sad,
but in the future,
the memories will make us glad.
Whenever they cross our mind,
a smile will come.
Probably a tear or two,
and we'll remember the love that grew.
In those three days,
a love was made true,
a love they never knew.
A love made by hugs and relentless prayer,
for all they needed,
was someone to care.

Before we know it,
we'll be heading home.
And some will never come back.
Most of us will end up in Michigan,
all but Michael :(,
but at least we now can speak a little Romanian.

another week awaits.
Full of friendships to make,
and new memories to create.
Please pray for us all,
to hear God's voice,
spread his love,
and answer when He calls.

Love you Mom, Dad, and Nate. Hope all is well in Battle Creek and in Osage. Been praying for you. Also, I miss you Rachel Bergland, my future sister-in-law.



  1. He's a poet and he knows it. Good Job Taylor...

    Just ran into Emily's parents at meijer and we were sharing how great it is to get these updates and see the videos.

    I am praying that the internet still works for you once you get to the camp. (We are spoiled by all this technology.)

    Either way Michael... know that you have blessed us in a big way here at home and provided us with concrete images as we pray for you and your team. THANK YOU...

    Hey Brittany... mom wanted you to know she got her first cucumbers from her garden today but is waiting to enjoy them until you return home. Hurry back...

    Austin... If we don't speak with you before July 14 (the day you celebrate your 18th birthday) know that we love and cherish you and could not imagine our home without you as part of it. God gave us a very special gift the day you were born. You are our All Star... the Baseball Allstar game was on as we sat with you in the recovery room the night your were born. It will be played again this Tuesday and we'll be thinking about you and praying God's richest blessings upon you.

    We love you guys...

    Dad and Mom and Shelby

    P.S. Way to go Kiersten... Baptized while serving God in Romania... That's awesome...

  2. So thankful for technology to allow us to see and hear how God is working in your lives. Taylor, I appreciate so much the gift of words and the ability that God has given you to express your heart in different ways. Keep on searching His Will for you...mom and I are excited to see how He uses you in life. Rachel, praying that you are being blessed through your service as well. Love seeing you on the videos...it is evident that the joy of the Lord is with you!! We love you and continue to pray that your heart is touched during this next week.

    Tell Brittney, Alexa, and Mandy that mom and I say hello!!

    Love you tons....Mom and Dad

  3. I can't believe I missed your call! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to chat with your dad and your sister for a few minutes! Of course I was jealous, but I will see you in just a week, now! Isn't it amazing how small the world really is? It's a blessing to hear how He has made a mark on so many hearts through the children there. I will be praying the same for the camp this week. Get your rest! We're so proud of the work you're doing for His kingdom!
    We're praying He gives you the strength to finish strong!Remember my favorite verse? Maybe it was one you had to memorize...
    Do not grow weary in doing good for in due time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up! Gal. 6:9

    Love you/miss you!
    Mom Buehler

  4. Kiersten,
    Words can not express the joy in my heart to know that God is doing such amazing works in your heart! I've been praying everyday of your life baby girl, that you would know how wonderful our God is. I wish I could be there to see you take this huge step in your walk with God, but I know this is what he has planed for you. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for your life.

    Please don't forget to ask someone to video tape it, and take lots of pictures. If we can't be there that will be the next best thing.

    Love you with all my heart,
    ~ MOM ~

    It's tooooo quiet around here without you and Katie and all your silliness... we miss you both a bunch )))))big hugs(((((.

  5. Reina and Dani: Praying for you and the team daily. Right at this moment, the dogs are woofing down their breakfast. The sunflowers are now taller than me and the black-eyed susans finaly burst into bloom. It has been such a blessing to have a video connection. Love you!

  6. Sounds like a great first week for everyone. I'm sure, as you leave these folks and move to your new location, God will continue to work with the seeds all of you have planted. I'll be praying that this coming week is even more fruitful for all of you. God Bless Everyone! Love you Bri!


  7. so i know i obnoxiously leave comments everyday but that's cause i miss ya'll so much!
    i've been reading this book and i read a quote that reminded me of you guys...
    "you don't always have to bring the people to the church, bring the church to them"
    that's what you guys are doing and i think that's awesome. i love you guys soooo much.
    "preach the gospel at all times and only when necessary use words."

  8. Hey Romania team!
    I just want you to know that I've been thinking of all of you a lot. I know that everyone is going to come back with amazing stories about what God did. I can't wait to see you and hear all about everything that has happened. Reading the blog has been great, and I loved the video! Praying for ya'll every day. Remember Isaiah 40:31 and 1 Timothy 4:12-16. Love you all!