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Romania 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey it's Peter. Michael tweeted this earlier today:

Fernihough: Just verified. No Internet at camp. I'll try and get to a town a few times while we are there. Love u all.

That's the latest news from the team. Thank you to everyone who has faithfully been praying and reading the blog.


  1. Thanks, Peter for sharing Michael's tweet for those of us who don't twitter. It'd be great if you could still update when you hear something. Praying every day for them all.

  2. Happy 18th Birthday Austin!

  3. Happy 18th Birthday today Austin. (Not sure when you will actually be able to read this.)

    I assume Brittany already gave you the gift.

    We are excited to celebrate with you once you return home.

    Praying that you, Britt and the rest of the team are finding strength in God and each other as you continue your ministry to teens at the camp.

    We Love you and can't wait to see you and Brittany. We miss you much.

    Love Dad, Mom and Shelby